Affiliate Institutions

Denominational Affiliations / Schools

Since relocating to Claremont in 1956, the School of Theology has been an intentionally ecumenical theological school. The School therefore enjoys a working relationship with several theological institutions located on or near campus. These include Disciples Seminary Foundation, Episcopal Theological School at Claremont ("Bloy House"), and the Center for Lutheran Studies at Claremont

These institutions use the facilities of Claremont School of Theology, including classrooms, office space, Chapel and Library. The representatives of the cooperating institutions meet to coordinate and exchange ideas and plans, as well as to look at the opportunities in which cooperation will advance and enhance theological education for the coming century.

Claremont Graduate University

Claremont School of Theology is a Affiliate Member of theClaremont University Consortium (a.k.a "The Claremont Colleges") and enjoys a close association with the undergraduate schools and Claremont Graduate University, especially the School of Religion .

The advantages of this interchange are numerous. Students can take courses at CGU, with faculty permission, and the School's Library is coordinated with all the libraries of The Claremont Colleges.

Bayan Claremont

Founded in 2011 by the Islamic Center of Southern California, Bayan Claremont is the Muslim member of the Claremont Lincoln University Consortium. As a uniquely American and non-sectarian institution, Bayan College educates men and women as Islamic religious leaders, scholars and educators in this new multireligious and multiethnic graduate school.

Other Affiliated Organizations

We recognize a number of other organizations as sharing in the mission of Claremont School of Theology or as partnering in common projects. These are organizations with which we have official working relationships or have begun discussions aimed at building closer collaborations. We acknowledge them as allies and recommend them to our friends: