Academics – Graduate Studies

Students at Claremont School of Theology have the unique opportunity to study in an internationally renowned setting for higher education. The city of Claremont -- with five undergraduate colleges, four graduate schools, a major research library for humanities and social sciences, and numerous research centers -- is an intellectual hub in Southern California that draws top students, faculty, and guest speakers from around the world. As a student at Claremont School of Theology, you can join in, and contribute to, this lively and vibrant educational community.

But is the School all head and no heart?

Yes, Claremont School of Theology has a long and well-earned reputation for being a leading-edge, intellectually rigorous theological school. But Claremont's professors focus on religion and culture, in all times and iterations, to best prepare leaders to meet the very real needs of a global and religiously diverse world.

The head serves the heart, and the heart guides the head.

So we invite you to explore these degree programs and the faculty who teach in them. And then decide for yourself if Claremont is right for you.