Carleen Mandolfo

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On Personal Leave: 2012-13 Academic Year

Dr. Mandolfo's current research involves feminist readings of the Book of Psalms, biblical lament literature, and the Bible in film. She serves as co-chair of a national Working Group convened by the Society of Biblical Literature to examine and offer resources for the teaching of the Bible in U.S. public high schools. The group has produced a guide to teaching Bible in the public schools and are in the process of developing curricula.


B.A. - California State University, San Francisco
M.A. - Graduate Theological Union
Ph.D. - Emory University

Recent Publications / Achievements

“Women, Suffering, and Redemption in Three Films of Lars von Trier,” Literature and Theology, vol. 24 (Sept. 2010): 285-300

Lamentations in Ancient and Contemporary Cultural Contexts (eds., C. Mandolfo and N. Lee; Society of Biblical Literature/Brill, 2008)

Daughter Zion Talks Back: A Dialogic Theological Reading of Lamentations (Society of Biblical Literature, 2007)