Gregory J. Riley

Professor of New Testament

Craig 218
(909) 447-2568
On Sabbatical: Fall 2013

Dr. Riley has expertise in the culture and religions of the Greco-Roman world and the ancient Near East. His main interests are the relationships between the diverse expressions of Christianity and their cultural context. His most recent book The River of God: A New History of Christian Origins was chosen by the History Book Club as an alternate selection. His book One Jesus, Many Christs was selected by the Book of the Month Club and the British Book of the Month Club as a first choice in Religion.


B.A., M.A. - University of California, Los Angeles
M.A. - University of California, Santa Barbara
M.A., Ph.D. - Harvard University

Recent Publications / Achievements

The River of God: a New History of Christian Origins (HarperOne, 2003)

One Jesus, Many Christs: How Jesus Inspired Not One True Christianity, but Many (Augsburg Fortress, 2000)