Lincoln E. Galloway

K. Morgan Edwards Associate Professor of Homiletics

Craig 205
(909) 447-2574

Dr. Galloway, a native of Montserrat, teaches and researches in the areas of Homiletics and New Testament studies. An active elder in The United Methodist Church, his interests blend pastoral concerns with socio-rhetorical approaches to biblical texts and critical engagement of liberative theologies for exegetical and homiletical tasks.


B.Ed. - University of West Indies
M.Div. - Candler School of Theology
Ph.D - Emory University

Recent Publications / Achievements

"Black Rhythms and Consciousness: Authentic Being and Pedagogy" in Being Black Teaching Black: Politics and Pedagogy in Religious Studies (Abingdon Press, 2008 )

Freedom in the Gospel: Paul's Exemplum in 1 Cor. 9 in Conversation with the Discourses of Epictetus and Philo (Peeters, 2004)