Najeeba Syeed-Miller

Assistant Professor of Interreligious Education

Craig 101
(909) 447-2524
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Najeeba Syeed-Miller is a prolific practitioner and effective educator in the area of conflict resolution among communities of ethnic and religious diversity. Her involvements range widely, including conducting gang interventions, implementing diversity training in universities and public agencies, conflict resolution in public schools, interreligious dialogue among the Abrahamic traditions, and environmental conflict resolution.

Her conflict resolution experience has made her a sought after trainer for those who work on conflicts in India, Latin America, Guam, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine. Her model of intervention is to build the capacity of those closest to the conflict. In particular her research and community activist efforts have focused on the role of women as agents of peacemaking.


B.S., Guilford College
J.D., Indiana University School of Law

Recent Publications / Achievements

December 2004: Co-author with Asifa Quraishi (Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin), Islamic Family Law Project, Emory University Law School, (project funded by Ford Foundation): No Altars: A Survey of Islamic Family Law in America. Zed Publications. In Women’s Rights and Islamic Family Law: Perspectives on Reform, edited by Lynn Welchman.

September 2003: Two articles published for Association for Conflict Resolution publications, ACR Resolution Magazine, and Family Notes on cross cultural conflict resolution. “Cross Cultural Family Dispute Resolution” and “Mediating After 9/11, the story of a South Asian Muslim Mediator.”

October 2006: Author of article: Developing Appropriate Conflict Resolution Systems for Law Enforcement and Community Relations: The Pasadena Case Study in Ohio Journal on Dispute Resolution. [Vol. 22:1 2006].

September 2008: Served on Editorial Advisory Committee for Association for Conflict Resolution ACResolution national publication, edition on diversity and conflict resolution.

Selected as Official Participant, Fifth Annual International Institute of Mediation and Conflict Resolution (The Hague)

California State Legislature Women in Law Award (2008)

Peacemaker of the Year Award, Southern California Mediation Association (2007)

South Asian Bar Association Public Interest Award (2006)