Philip Clayton

Ingraham Professor of Theology

Craig 209
(909) 447-6312
Philip Clayton's Site

Dr. Clayton develops a constructive Christian theology in dialogue with metaphysics, modern philosophy, and science. The demands of this task have led to his work and publications in the theory of knowledge; the history of philosophy and theology; the philosophy of science; physics, evolutionary biology and the neurosciences; comparative theology; and constructive metaphysics. A panentheist, he defends a form of process theology that is hypothetical, dialogical and pluralistic.


B.A. - Westmont College
M.A. - Fuller Theological Seminary
M.A. - Yale University
M.Phil. - Yale University
Ph.D. - Yale University

Recent Publications / Achievements

The Predicament of Belief: Science, Philosophy, and Christian Minimalism, (Oxford University Press, 2011)

Transforming Christian Theology: For Church and Society, (Fortress Press, 2010)

Adventures in the Spirit: God, World, Divine Action (Fortress Press, 2008)

The Re-Emergence of Emergence: The Emergentist Hypothesis from Science to Religion (Oxford University Press, 2008)

Signs of Solidarity: Mind and Emergence: From Quantum to Consciousness (Oxford University Press, 2006)