ask a student

Do you have questions about CST? Want answers from the perspective of CST or Bayan Claremont students?

Here is your chance! Email one of these sample questions, or your own, and a student will respond at her or his earliest convenience.

• Why might I want to live on campus?
• What is it like being a commuter student?
• Is CST a family friendly place?
• What are hybrid courses like?
• What can I expect from the degree program I’m applying for? (Be sure to specify the degree.)
• Why might I want an academic interfaith experience?
• What is there to do in Claremont?
• How is grad school compared to undergrad?
• How close is Claremont to LA?
• Do you have a favorite class or teacher?
• What student groups are on campus?
• Are pets allowed in student housing?
• What is CST’s relationship to the Claremont Colleges?
• What is the religious and denominational make-up of students and professors?