Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center

ABMC ( holds one of the world’s largest photographic archives of manuscripts of and related to both Hebrew and Christian biblical testaments: 3,000 microfilms and other photographic images, stored in a climate-controlled vault. These images can be used by scholars and students either onsite or through interlibrary loan. Most of the manuscripts are in Hebrew, Greek, or Latin, but a recent gift has expanded the holdings to biblical texts in Ethiopic, Coptic, Arabic, Georgian, and Slavic. The ABMC curates microfilms belonging to the International Greek New Testament Project, distributing them upon request to assigned collators and other scholars.

The holdings also include one of the world’s largest collections of Dead Sea Scrolls images, including the oldest images – photographs taken by Dr. John C. Trever in 1948, when the Scrolls were discovered. Dr. Trever (1916-2006) later became a member of the School of Theology staff for many years. His photographs of the Great Isaiah Scroll, the Habakkuk Scroll, and the Manual of Discipline continue to be in demand. Of related interest, a permanent exhibit of Dr. Trever’s artifacts from the Qumran area, his camera and other materials related to the discovery of the Scrolls is housed in the Library.