Curtis R. Paxman Coin Collection

The Curtis R. Paxman Coin Collection contains 56 Roman and Byzantine coins, including one from the rule of each emperor, and 80 coins of England, from the Archbishops of York through the present monarch, as well as a small selection of Greek and Hellenistic coins. The collection also includes several examples of “Maundy Money,” sets of small coins given to the poor each Easter by English monarchs since the time of Charles II. An inventory of the coins is listed below, and scholars and students may view portions of the collection by appointment.

The Greek, Roman, and Byzantine coins have been digitized as part of the Collaborative Digital Resources Initiative of the American Theological Library Association (ATLA), and the images are currently available on the Web, along with other collections of unusual materials from a number of theological libraries at

Inventory of Paxman Collection Coins