Online vs. Traditional


Fully online classes offer tremendous flexibility, allowing students to engage from virtually anywhere and at anytime during an academic term. As with face-to-face coursework, online learning requires a significant time commitment – approximately 10-15 hours per week per course. Hybrid courses combine the flexibility of online learning with the kind of in-person interaction that is important in many theological classes. Since the face-to-face sessions are scheduled in short, concentrated time periods, students can usually complete these courses even while continuing to live at a distance from Claremont.


A common fear among people who have not participated in an online classroom experience is that they will be unable to develop the academic and professional relationships with their peers and professors in the same way as a face-to-face classroom. Today’s technology affords the opportunity to take advantage of multiple forms of communication, which provide students with the most effective access to their partners in learning. From personal emails to professors, to threaded discussions among classmates, to getting feedback on written work, the lines of communication in an online classroom are always open.