Student Groups

Student groups form and change along with the interests of the current student body. The following is a list of current student groups on campus. For more information or to get involved with any of the groups listed below or to create a new one, please contact

Current Student Groups

Asian Pacific Islanders / American Association

This group exists to foster a sense of community and identity among persons of Asian or Pacific Islander heritage. We aim to support on another in our academic, spiritual, emotional, and professional endeavors, as well as to engage the community-at-large theologically, culturally, and socially. While many members are post-1st generation Asian Americans, the slash in the name reflects inclusion of Asians or Pacific Islanders who are not American, as well.

Claremont Korean Women's Association

This group was organized to represent, communicate, and serve the needs of Korean women students so as to clarify and strengthen their identity as Korean Christian women leaders, to develop a supportive Korean women’s community at Claremont School of Theology, and also to contribute to diversity on campus.

Claremont Sports Association

This group meets for regular intramural basketball, tennis, volleyball, Frisbee, and more to help strengthen the community, and to act as an important ministry to all students, faculty, and staff of Claremont School of Theology in need of a weekly refocusing.

CST Chaplains

This group gets together to encourage one another during the process to become chaplains. They come together for support, encouragement, and accountability for each other. They also invite existing chaplains from the outside the school to come and offer support and encouragement, participate in a speaker series, explain the process of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training and network for future jobs.

De Colores

This group gathers lesbian, bisexual, gay, transexed, transgendered, queer, questioning, intersexed and allies for dialogue and support.

Feminist Resource Network

This group gathers to discuss issues and offer support for people interested in feminism and feminist issues within religious communities, academia, and society at large.

International Friend-to-Friend Friendship Group

This group of U.S. born students and international students meets to promote friendships between people from different countries and cultures at the School.

Korean Students Association

This group provides programming and support for Korean students. They work to support the spiritual life of the Korean community as well as to provide forums on topics of interest in theology and international issues.

Pan-African Seminarians Association(PASA)

This group promotes fellowship and mutual assistance among Pan-African students. It works for meaningful interaction among all students and for the increased presence of Pan-African faculty and students at the School.

Seminarians for Social Justice (SSJ)

Students from many traditions and paths both spiritual and academic join in solidarity and commitment to explore the intersection of faith, spirituality, social justice, and peacemaking through fellowship, prayer, spiritual practice, and action. This student group joins with members of the wider community by spreading awareness, taking part in peaceful protests, rallies, marches, etc. to promote peace and the well-being of humanity.


Online blog about being a student at Claremont School of Theology. (Currently not functioning, though student interest is there to revitalize it in 2012-13.)